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Creative Dex! - Xiaomi Yi Camera Mount (30 degrees)

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Are you tired of your flight recording showing more of the ground instead of that sweet gap you just nailed?

At HOTT Hobbies we've tried all sorts of camera mounts from bits of foam and tape to proper 3D printed camera brackets in angles ranging from 10 - 40 degrees. We've found that 30 degrees is a sweet spot for most FPV flying with mini-quads.

These Creative Dex! mounts have been 3D printed using flexible materials which offer both impact resistance and anti-jello properties. Unlike hard plastic mounts these mounts are much less likely to shatter or break on impact. Nor will they hold your camera so rigidly that on impact you damage both the camera and your frame.

Step up your flight recordings today, you won't find a better mount for your camera!

  • Designed For: Xiaomi Yi
  • Camera Angle: 30 degrees
  • Material: Flex
  • Avaiable Colours: Orange, Green

We highly recommend you use the thinner 2.5mm zip ties to secure the mount to your frame. While this may appear weaker, they will act as mechanical fuses. You are far better off crashing and picking up the bits than breaking your top plate.