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Crescent Cables Ties - 100mm x 2.5mm

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Every mini-quad build uses at least a handful of zip ties. They are very handy at strapping the various components to your frame. These are high quality cable ties we've been using on our builds for years. They are UV resistant and have a high tensile strength.

  • Material: Nylon
  • UV Resistant: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 2.5mm
  • Quantity: 100

In our experience using wider and stronger cable ties usually leads to broken components. You are far better off using thinner zip ties that break on impact that provide some stress relief. Than rigidly fixing your components to your mini-quad.

HOTT Tip: Add a layer of soft material when zip tying two things together. This will provide some vibration dampening for electronic components, keep things snug without being over tightened and provide an extra amount of give during hard crashes.