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Prop Nuts M5 (5 Pack) - Mid Profile

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These aluminium prop nuts will help reduce your mini-quads weight compared to the steel nuts often included with motors. They have an anti-slip nylon insert to help prevent them from vibrating lose, ensuring your props stay tight and reduce the likelihood they pop-off during a crash.

These are more of a mid-profile nut measuring in at just 5.4mm. A typical prop nuts is around 6.0mm it doesn't sound like much but it will definitely help if your motor shaft is just that bit too short to engage the nylon in standard lock nuts.


  • Nut Size: M5
  • Nut Height: 5.4mm
  • Colours: Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Gold (please choose)
  • Thread: CW (righty-tighty only)


Each pack contains 5 lock nuts.