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ESC Protective Covers (V2) - TPU

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These ESC covers are designed and printed in-house here at HOTT Hobbies.

They are printed in TPU which is a very flexible and extremely strong material. This means they'll not only absorb some of the energy from a prop strike, but they'll also stand up to repeated strikes.

Why do you need them?

The introduction of more durable properllors has meant pilots can now fly through a lot of situations that would have normally ended in a crash. This means pilots are now more likely to keep the throttle up during a crash, to fly out of these situations.

Durable props get there durability from being less brittle and more flexible. This flexibility means they can flex enough to clip your escs that are strapped to your mini-quads arms. In many cases this can lead to ESC failure with critical components getting knocked off the PCB.

These ESC protectors are designed to reduce the likelihood of premature ESC failure from physical damage. They are a must for any mini-quad pilot using durable propellors, particularly when flying through race gates.

Suitable for most 20-30A ESCs* 


  • Type: 3D Printed
  • Material: TPU
  • Colours: Black and Orange (please choose)
  • Size: 30x20mm [30x16mm inner (2mm walls)]
  • *KISS version coming soon!

Each pack comes with 4x HOTT Hobbies ESCs protectors