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DTFc Flight Controller

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Combine the latest FC tech with a high-current capable PDB and you get DTFc, the new heart of your mini-quad. Connect all ESC and battery leads directly to this one small board to clean up your wiring, increase build speed, and reduce size, weight, and part count. Integrated 1.2A 5V regulator provides enough power for LED strips, cameras, small VTXs, your RX, lap transponders, and other equipment.

OSDoge can be stacked on top of DTFc to easily add an MWOSD-based on screen display!

Please Note:

  • DTFc's are from the 2nd production run and have an Orange PCB.
  • Boards do not ship in a metal tin.
  • Boards come with an assortment of straight and angled pin headers.
  • Boards come with nylon mounting hardware (white).
  • Boards come with a handy printed pin layout card for easier installation.


  • Integrated FC and PDB in one board!
  • 120A current sensor!
  • PPM/SBUS/SUMD/ Any other input you desire - just plug it in and configure!
  • Dedicated LEDstrip port with onboard 5V regulator!
  • 6S capable! Made for power!
  • Runs Betaflight - BLHeli ESC Passthru capable! (use the DOGE target!)
  • dRonin Support: Yes
  • Two serial ports available - not shared with SerialRX port or USB port!




Many modern Flight Controllers benefit from soft-mounting and the DTFc is no exception. For improved flight performance it is recommended to mount your FC between rubber two o-rings with a hex nut just tightened to secure it. Most 6mm standoffs will only fit a single o-ring which still helps. 36x36mm soft mounting kits are coming soon.