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RunCam FPV Camera Lens Replacement - GoPro2 2.5mm (RC25G)

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These are official RunCam FPV Lens replacement for your RunCam SWIFT/SWIFT2 Rotor Riot Edition (or any 1/3" format FPV Camera with a 12*0.5mm lens thread.

The 2.5mm focal length affords you a 140° field of view (FOV) when coupled with a 1.3" CCD sensor. This is slightly wider than the 2.8mm lenses that usually come with FPV cameras and similar to the 2.5mm lenses we choose to ship with our RunCams.

The biggest different the GoPro style lens gives you is its larger glasses allows more light to enter the camera. This contributes to an improved image w.r.t light low light and colour reproduction.


  • Focal Length: 2.5mm
  • FOV (DxHxV): 140° (1/3" CCD)
  • F-Stop: 2.0 (Fixed)
  • IR Cut: Yes
  • Barrel Length: TBD
  • Lens Length: 19mm
  • Lens Width: 17mm
  • Thread: M12*P0.5
  • Lock Ring: Yes, lock ring provided

    HOTT Tip: Add a small dab of hot glue to the area where the lens thread, lock nut and camera body meet. This will help stop your lens from vibrating loose.

    Not all cameras and sensors are created equal and this impacts the FOV your see with a particular lens, below is a chart on how this lens performs on other RunCams.


    Camera Model Format (inch) Focal Length (mm) Diagonal FOV Horizontal FOV Vertical FOV
     Swift1, Swift2, SwiftMini,
    PZ0420M, Sky, Skyplus
    1/3" 2.5 140° 110° 83°
    Eagle(4:3), Eagle2(4:3) 1/1.8" 2.5 170° 130° 99°
    RunCam Split 1/2.7" 2.5 165° 135° 76°