HQProp Durable DP 5x4x4V1S Quadblade (PC)

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These are the latest props from HQProp and have been specifically designed for freestyle pilots in mind. They sport a new airfoil design that aims to improve overall efficiency and reduce prop-wash. When compared to the original and still popular standard HQProp 5x4x4 Quadblade.

These Poly-carbonate (PC) versions are more durable than their Glass-Nylon versions so you can clip an survive a bit of "scraggle" while you tear up your local park! They very light weight should feel very responsive.

  • Material: Poly-carbonate (PC)
  • Size: 5"
  • Pitch: 4"
  • Blades: 4
  • Weight: 18g
  • Hub Diameter: 5mm
  • Hub Thickness: 7.2mm
  • Hub Adapters: No
  • Colours: Light Green, Clear (Please Choose)

Each pack contains a full set (2xCW & 2xCCW) propellers.

HOTT Tip: V1S PC propellers are thin and light, so while they are more durable than their glass nylon versions they will deform and dent a little when crashed. While these props are good, they are not indestructible. It is important to replace out of shape and/or unbalanced propellers regularly or you could destroy your motor bearings or damage your ESCs.

Bench Tests:

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