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Race Wire - PCB Motor Wire (mini)

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Race Wire by WhitenoiseFPV is design to replace a section of motor wire with a PCB. This not only offers protection from prop strikes, but also makes it easier to replace/swap motors when using a 4in1 ESC.

If you've got a set of motors with cut wires but want to use them on a build with a 4in1 ESC Race Wire can help.

Bring back the convenience that ESCs on the arms once had without the drawbacks!



  • 25x8.5x0.8mm (mini)
  • 2oz - 2 layer PCB



  • 6x Race Wire (mini) PCBs


Please Note: Race Wire PCB are not fully insulated, it is advised to use a layer of electrical/mylar tape between the PCB and your carbon plates to insulate them.