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Matek Lost Model Beeper

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This is the first (in our opinion) lost model beeper designed for mini-quad use.

Prior to this lost model beepers/buzzers were just 5/12V Peizo buzzers. These are basically just tiny speakers and like any other speaker they are only as good as the amplifier that drives them. Sadly most FCs are not capable of driving them properly.

The Matek Lost Model Beeper has its own MCU to drive its buzzer. This also allows the buzzers installation to be very flexible. You can connect it via a spare PWM output on your receiver or use your FCs buzzer output as the sound source. The buzzer itself if driven by a separate 5V input that is not limited like your FCs.



  • Built-in MCU
  • Working voltage range: 4.5~5.2V DC
  • Power: 1W
  • Max. Sound Output: 90dB Max. (Loud)
  • Size & Weight: 18x13x8mm, 2g

    Notes: Please refer to the full manual for more detailed instructions!