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Rubycon 1000µF Low ESR Capacitor

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Low ESR capacitors are different to plain old electrolytic capacitors in that they have very good noise suppression.

In most cases these will have a similar effect on noise suppression compared to your traditional LC-Filter which is a combination of an normal electrolytic capacitor and an inductor.

Similar in size to the LC-Filters we sell over here. These high quality Rubycon Low ESR capacitors are a cheaper alternative to help suppress noise in your mini-quad build.

Install them across your main battery lead input to provide noise suppression across your entire back-plane.


  • Brand/Type: Rubycon - ZLH
  • Rated Voltage: 25V
  • Capacity: 1000μF
  • Dimensions: 23mmx10mm
  • Impedance (20°C 100Hz): 18mΩ

Please note: Triple check your have installed your capacitor onto your miniquad with the correct polarity before applying power for the first time. As with all capacitors they will retain some energy for a short time after powering down, handle them with care.