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Turnigy Silicone Wire

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High quality soft silicone wire for hobby use can be hard to find at short notice. So we've chosen to stock some of the more common gauges used to build mini-quads for your convenience.


  • 14AWG is suitable for making power leads / pigtails.
  • 18AWG is suitable for most 20-40A ESC power leads..
  • 24AWG is suitable for signal wiring such as making custom servo/video leads.
  • 30AWG is suitable for signal/cam/led wiring or where weight and flexibility matter.

Each pack contains one meter (1m) of high quality silicone wire in your chosen gauge and colour with the following exceptions:

  • 14AWG RED and BLACK comes in two meter (2m) lengths
  • 30AWG ALL COLOURS comes in five meter (5m) lengths