24x WS2812 SMD5050 RGB LED Strip

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As the title suggests these are WS2812 SMD5050 RGB flexible led strips. Each strip is comprised of 24 individually addressable LEDs and can be used with many electronic kits, standalone LED drivers such as the Kore Koncept Chroma LED Driver as well as being driven directly by a compatible Flight Controller.

You can cut the strips down to suit your needs, but a suggested setup with the Kore Koncept Chroma LED Driver is to run 6x LED segments per arm of your mini-quad. Each segment will measure approx. 42mm long which should fit most mini-quad arms without much of an issue.


  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Number of LEDs Strip: 24
  • LED Type: Epistar SMD5050
  • Power: 7.2W (per strip)
  • Backing: Sticky
  • Size: 170mmx12mm

Please Note: The strips we sourced were not packaged to our liking and we had to disassemble strips that had been linked together at the factory. As such you may notice some pads have been soldered previously. Strips were also cut to length ie. 24 LEDs. As such we are selling these strips a little cheaper than planned. But rest assured these are brand new very bright and highly functional LEDs. If you have any issues with them please feel free to contact us.

HOTT Tip #1: When cutting strips, place strip down with the ARROW at the top. Score as close as possible to the last LED so as to maximise the pad area for soldering your wires to the next segment.

HOTT Tip #2: Solder pads have a protective film, lightly sand or scratch them with the tip of your hobby knife to make soldering easier. If your solder is not flowing onto the pads this is likely why.

Includes: Just the strip, if you need wire please check out our silicone wire options.