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AOMWAY 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna Set

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Aomway Circularly Polarised 4-leaf Clover antenna set is a high quality 5.8Ghz antenna. They have a strong, light yet flexible coaxial stem with a plastic brace to reduce damage to the leaves and to maintain their alignment.

Circular polarisation helps reduce interference from "multi-pathing" which is interference resultant from the transmitted signal bouncing off the surroundings. This gives you a much clearer picture compared to  standard dipole antenna.

Performance of these antennas is tried and tested.

  • Frequency Range: 5725-5875Mhz
  • Gain: 3dbi
  • Dimensions: 86mm*29mm
  • Polarisation: RHCP
  • Connector: (please choose)

It is recommended you mount your antenna horizontally out the back of your mini-quad to reduce kinking during crashes. The leaves can be re-enforced with hot glue or covered in shrink wrap for added protection and longevity.

Each box contains 2x Aomway Circularly Polarised 4-leaf Clover antennas