BDX T 5" - Ultra Light

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The BDX-T another creation from frame designer @steadly1. He is previously known for designing the GoPro carrying BDX240 and the popular BDX-Racer frames. This is his take on the ultra-light mini-quad concept, where frame weight and size are minimised to maximise performance!

Build this frame lean and you can expect a sub 300g build even with heavy 22XX motors. Run a light 1000-1300mAh pack and you will soon see that power isn't everything and that weight plays a huge role in overall mini-quad speed and agility.


  • Material: 1.5mm & 4mm 3K Taiwan Carbon Fiber (Twill Matte Finish)
  • Wheelbase: 190mm (5 inch)
  • Weight: 62g (entire frame kit with spares)
  • Hardware: Black Nylon and Steel
  • Motor mounts: Standard M3 slotted mounting patterns (22xx size motors only)
  • Flight Controller: Optimised for KISS FC size boards (30.5*30.5mm stand off width)
  • Flight Camera: To suit 28mm cased micro cameras (RunCam, HS1177 with their supplied mount)


  • 4x 4mm carbon arms to suit 5" props (plus 2x spares)
  • 1x 1.5mm top plates (plus 1x spare)
  • All required fixers and fasteners (black steel screws)
  • 1x Red20RC Battery Strap