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The latest Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) from DYS the XS20A builds on the success of the XM20A ESC and adds synchronous hardware PWM to delivery buttery smooth throttle response, quieter motors and increased efficiency. The super fast Busy Bee MCU also means these ESCs can drive the increasingly higher kV motors entering the market.

Designed specifically for multi-rotors you'd be hard pressed finding a better performing ESCs at this price point!

These are the solder versions that come without the motor wires pre-attached. This allows for simpler and faster motor installation.


  • Model Number: XS20A
  • BEC: None
  • Rated Current: 20A
  • Chipset: Silabs EFM8BB2
  • Oneshot125 Support : Yes
  • Oneshot42 Support: Yes
  • Multishot Support: Yes
  • Bootloader: BLHeli
  • Firmware: BLHeli_S 16.1 (A-H-70)
  • Damped Light: Yes (always on)
  • Battery: 3-4S
  • Size: 24*14*4.5mm
  • Weight: 4.49g

Each ESC comes with an optional plastic case to protect them from prop strikes and to make them easier to mount on your mini-quad's arms.

DSHOT Support
These XS20's have been tested by us to support up to DSHOT600 with the input filter cap removed and BlHeli 16.5 firmware. Removing the filter cap requires you to physically remove a component from the ESC. If you'd like your ESCs pre-modifed and updated to the correct firmware let us know!