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True to form the KISS FC is a highly advanced flight controller running highly optimised flight control firmware. The KISS FC is designed as its name suggests "keep it super simple". It primary geared towards mini-quads where it does away with the complexities GPS and other common integration's. Instead it is focused on providing your mini-quad with outstanding flight performance and tune-ability.

While a level mode is supported, this FC is also geared towards acro/rate modes. So it is recommended for more advanced pilots.

The KISS FC does not run CleanFlight or Betaflight out of the box. It might be flash-able though it is highly recommend to stick to the stock firmware.

Supported copter types:

  • Tri
  • Quad +/x
  • Hexa +/x

Supported RX types:

  • PPM Sum
  • Spektrum Sat. (serial / DSM2 & DSMX)
  • Futaba / Taranis SBUS
  • Jeti ExBus
  • Graupner SumD / SumO
  • Classic RX with single channel output


If you are experiencing issues with stuttering or surging while hovering or having mid-throttle oscillations. Try using 1.1RC6 firmware or newer (link above) failing that try the older 1.02b74 firmware. RC21-25 have been known to have issues with filtering.

All KISS FC's ship with the stable 1.01 release firmware. If you would like a newer firmware pre-flashed onto your board, please make a note on your order.