LiPO Buzzer

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Battery management is a crucial part to flying mini-quads. Land too soon and you won't be getting the most out of your battery. Land too late and you risk damaging your packs permanently or worse lose power, crash and damage your quad. These LiPO buzzers are a must if you don't have a buzzer attached to your quads flight controller or if you don't have telemetry on your radio.

The buzzer attaches to your batteries balance lead and will display the total voltage and per cell voltages. You can configure the buzzer to sound at specific per cell voltage threshold.

You will need to adjust the voltage level to suit your flying style. If you fly aggressively and set the threshold too high you will most likely get false alarms as the battery voltage will sag under heavy load.

General LiPO Guide Lines to Maximise Battery Life:

  • Aim to land near 3.6-3.7 Volts per cell. This should provide a big enough window for you to return home.
  • Never discharge a battery below 3.3V per cell.
  • Never leave a battery fully charged or fully discharged for long periods. Store them at 3.75-3.85V percell, most chargers have a STORAGE mode to facilitate this.


  • 1x LiPO Buzzer