Matek Systems RGB Arm Light (6-LED) 24V

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These Matek Systems RGB Arm Light 6xLED boards is designed to make adding LEDs to your quad simple. Just supply the rated voltage to the strip and select the colour you want using the provided dip switches. No need to muck about with FC LED Strip configuration or 3rd party control boards.

Bling out your quad or meet spec requirements for racing events.



  • Input Voltage: 17-26V (5-6S LiPo)
  • Colours: Green/Red/Blue/Yellow/Cyan/Magenta/White
  • Dimensions: 50mm*7mm


  • 2x 24V 6-LED PCB Strips
  • 300mm Soft PVC Wire (~24AWG)



G R B Colour Current Draw (Single Strip)
OFF OFF ON Blue 25mA @ 24V
OFF ON OFF Red 30mA @ 24V
ON OFF OFF Green 25mA @ 24V
OFF ON ON Magenta 55mA @ 24V
OFF ON ON Cyan 50mA @ 24V
ON ON OFF Yellow 55mA @ 24V
ON ON ON White 80mA @ 24V


Please Note: CASA regulations do not permit night flying of drones without the correct licensing or exemptions.